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Defence Department plans to slaughter thousands of kangaroos at its Majura training grounds in Canberra.
Killing can start ANY day.

Please help to stop it by joining protest in Canberra, ACT.

Wednesday 15 April 2009 - 12 noon.
Square between Canberra Legislative Assembly Bldgs and Canberra Theatre - off London Circuit.

If you can't attend please sign petition (more info on the subject in the preamble of the petition)
and write emails and letters to: 
1) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
letters:The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
2) emails to the Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism Martin Ferguson

letters: Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism
Parliament House
Suite M1 23
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel : 61+(0)2 6277 7930     
Fax: 61+(0)2 6273 0434
3) emails to Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support Mike Kelly
letters:Mike Kelly, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel : 61+(0)2 6277 4840
Fax: 61+(0)2 6277 8556
For more info about plight of kangaroos please visit;
For international support please visit 
For inspiration please read this passionate letter to Prime Minister - it reflects feelings of many Australians who are frustrated with the way Australia treats kangaroo.

We in Australia, proudly display our national icon the kangaroo, on our Coat of Arms, and rightly so. I have been working with many groups that make up the Australian voter (and many outside our country as well), groups of individuals who volunteer their time and efforts to rescue Australia’s precious wildlife whose numbers have been devastated in our recent bushfires; or have been struck by speeding vehicles, and shot or orphaned by cowboys with firearms.

Sadly, people in positions of power who can put a stop to this dwindling of native species, are being conned by propaganda spread by those who have a vested interest in their deaths.

An example of this spin is that kangaroos are in “plague proportions”, they are “pests”, their “populations have exploded”, they are in “hoards”, they “compete for pasture”; and the latest joke being; they are eating “endangered species of grass”. These yarns are fabricated and perpetuated by farmers and shooters who do more damage to the land than any other species on the planet.

Was it Adolph Hitler who said; ‘If you tell a lie big enough; and often enough the people will eventually come to believe it’.  Nothing seems more fitting than this sentence, on this issue.

I lived in rural Australia for several years and I cannot remember seeing a single kangaroo in the wild. Tourists who come to this country often comment on how disappointed they are that they have to go to zoos to see Australian wildlife. Where have they all gone? To Adidas perhaps?

Due to loss of habitat, drought, cowboys, bushfires and car strikes, few native animals remain free on their own land upon which they have lived in harmony, for millions of years.

When the cover of the Australian bush is bulldozed and cleared for development or worse, grazing enormous numbers of hard-hooved, non native species which compound and pollute the land, Australia’s native wildlife becomes more exposed and vulnerable without protection from wild weather, dogs and humans with firearms. Also, without the cover of their natural bushland, they only appear to be in larger numbers because they are more visible; when in actual fact numbers have reduced dramatically since the invasion of white man on this precious land.

Belconnen (Canberra, 2008) was one of the saddest massacres I have ever witnessed. This ‘event’ was a huge mistake, for many reasons, one of which was the fact that no independent studies were done to prove the case of the DOD. Nor have any independent tests been carried out, on the soil in that area to test for toxicity caused by the DOD.

Astoundingly, they are now attempting to repeat this atrocity, at Majura. When I heard about this I was speechless. All I can say now is that this can no longer remain Australia’s Dirty Secret. With the help of the internet, word has spread worldwide and all eyes are on this event. Australia’s treatment of its native wildlife, particularly kangaroos, is being compared to Canada’s treatment of baby seals, perpetrated by gun-happy, uninformed people driven by greed and short term profits.

Word is also out about a major boycott on Australian tourism and all things Australian, until this senseless slaughter of kangaroos is finally and permanently banned. This is no time for Australia to be experiencing a boycott of any sort, especially one that can be prevented.

We can no longer afford to continue ‘culling’ Australia’s native animals. They certainly do not need to be ‘culled’. There is no such thing as ‘sustainable culling’ (another example of shooters spin) of these animals. As a carer of animals and a person who cares for this country, I implore you to step back and take a fresh look at this issue.

The true measure of a man is revealed in what he does with power. Please use that power for positive change; change that is many years overdue. I urge you to implement laws so that not another single, beautiful kangaroo or her joey must suffer and die for no good purpose than to line the pockets of a small minority.






Please visit


Thank you for caring and acting -from me and many kangaroos just like Kiyo




Kangaroo meat contamination and cruelty to kangaroos

The World League for Protection of Animals appeals to the editor of Pravda newspaper to inform Pravda readers. Find out more...




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